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Toward sustainable energy solutions to power the future

MeBattery – Mediated Biphasic Battery

The EU-funded research project MeBattery aims to lay the foundation for a high-performing and sustainable generation of batteries, which overcomes the limitations of current battery technologies. The radically new vision of this novel battery technology relies on a combination of unconventional thermodynamically-driven concepts. This will lead to a paradigm shift in energy storage for a variety of applications.

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Becoming a strategic pillar for the European Union, energy storage is gaining importance. In this context, the MeBattery project aims to lay the foundation of a new battery technology whose working principle differs from the state-of-the-art and does not require critical raw materials. If successful, the proposed battery technology will become a powerful EU-developed solution for a number of applications.

Photo of Dr Edgar VentosaDr Edgar Ventosa
Coordinator MeBattery
StartMay 2022
Duration42 months
Funding€ 2.5 Mio
Team6 Partners