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Vision & Mission

The need for decarbonization is more pressing than ever as global warming continues to have a profound impact on the world's climate. Increasing demand for high-performing and sustainable batteries for applications such as clean energy storage, e-mobility, portable electronics and smart cities is driving research and development globally.

However, the flow and static battery technologies currently considered state-of-the-art (such as All-Vanadium, Zinc-Br2, Na-ion and Li-ion) suffer from significant drawbacks in sustainability, recyclability and energy efficiency. To meet surging energy demands and ambitious climate goals sooner, radically different energy storage concepts are urgently needed.

MeBattery strives to lay the foundations of a next generation battery technology relying on a combination of fundamentally new thermodynamical concepts. These have the potential to overcome the critical limitations of previously developed battery systems across the most crucial performance categories.

The project’s core outcome will be a battery prototype based on the novel MeBattery concept. The innovative prototype is envisioned to be energy-dense, eco-friendly and long-lasting and can pave the way for the next phase of the transition to decarbonised and sustainable energy solutions for society.

Na-ion BatLi-ion BatMeBatteryAll-V Flow BatZn-Br Flow Bat
SustainabilityCo, LI, GraphiteVanadium
Cycle LifeIneffective SEI
RecyclabilitySealed cellSealed cell
Eco-friendlinessLCA analysisLCA analysisElectrolyteBromine
Energy DensityDissolved speciesDissolved species
Energy Efficiency
Decoupled E / PSealed cellSealed cell
Temp. Range 40°C
SafetyTherm. RunawayTherm. RunawayBromine