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A Pint of Science for MeBattery

On 22-24 May 2023, the “Pint of Science” event took place simultaneously in 27 countries worldwide. The initiative is set out to bring science closer to society. In Burgos, one of the 58 Spanish cities which celebrated the event, the 8th edition of Pint of Science was co-organised by Universidad de Burgos (UBU).

Ruben Rubio, involved in MeBattery on the part of UBU, joined the event on 22 May 2023 with his presentation “Organic aqueous batteries, what is this?” Through historical data of the development of humanity and its effect on the environment, he showed the need to store energy from renewable sources and one of the main solutions seems to be the redox flow battery, like the batteries we are developing in the MeBattery project.

For Ruben, participating in Pint of Science was a unique opportunity and a bit of a challenge at the same time because of the difficulty of having to talk about a high-level scientific research project without indulging himself in too technical aspects. “However, it is very gratifying because this type of event allows us, as scientists, to share with civil society the meaning of our research, which is also an important aspect of our work” he says.

A summary of the event in Spanish is available here (

Ruben Rubio presenting at Pint of Science.