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Biochemistry Day at University of Aveiro

Every year, University of Aveiro holds a Biochemistry Day, at which speakers, along with alumni and students interested in the subject, get together to learn from the most experienced and discuss with their peers the day-to-day life in the biochemistry field. On 10 April 2024, the 15th edition was held which focused on sustainability. Since this day is also used as a means to communicate science and innovation, it was a great opportunity for MeBattery to be present.

Marco Prazeres is a bachelor student in Biochemistry at University of Aveiro. He also works on the MeBattery project at CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials. Almost nine months after joining the team, he felt confident enough to take up the challenge of participating in both the poster and pitch competition traditionally held on the occasion of the Biochemistry Day. With his work presented under the title of “Using Aqueous Biphasic Systems in Redox Flow Batteries” he won the pitch competition! Congratulations, Marco!