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How is Prussian Blue made? - Long Night of Research at ISTA

On 24 May 2024, the Ibañez group at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) participated in the "Long Night of Research", an outreach event for the public taking place once a year in institutions all across Austria. It gave family and friends the opportunity to visit ISTA and get a taste of campus life.

The group offered a station with hands-on experience entitled "The Prussian Blue Experience" showing how one of the oldest colours “Prussian blue” is made and exhibiting 3D models of porous coordination polymers.

The station consisted of three different tables: At the first table, the team showed two ways of preparing Prussian Blue: one solid state method, simply mixing and grinding together two solids in the mortar, and one solution-based method, dissolving one these solids in water first, and then, adding the second solid into the solution. At the second table, visitors could paint anything they wanted on painting paper using Prussian Blue paint that was provided. At the third table, visitors were able to build crystal structures with plastic chemical building kits.

The event attracted about 200 visitors to the Ibañez group’s experience. Mario Palacios Corella concluded “It's always great to participate in these outreach activities. Bringing science close to the public and in particular children is an exciting experience as you can see by yourself how kids of different ages see science in different ways."

Further information about the event is available here and here.