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How ISTA is striving to make batteries more environmentally friendly and more efficient

Cutting-edge battery technologies are central to transitioning to a climate-neutral and sustainable society. Global energy-storage strategies are currently shaped by different flow (All-Vanadium and Zinc – Br2) and static (Na-ion and Li-ion) battery technologies aiming to fulfil the world’s increasing energy demand. All these battery options have been plagued with so far unsolved issues in sustainability, recyclability and energy efficiency.

In an article published in the ISTA Magazine on April 13, 2023 on how ISTA contributes to making batteries more environmentally friendly and more efficient, Mario Palacios Corella from Maria Ibáñez’ research group explains how their work in MeBattery is helping to reach that goal. Their work concentrates not only on improving the performance of redox flow batteries but also on replacing environmentally harmful material with eco-friendly alternatives.

To find out more about ISTA’s work on redox flow batteries, read the full article here.

Mario Palacios Corella