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MeBattery at ECOS2024 and MLDES portfolio meeting

At the beginning of July, MeBattery had the chance to combine two events on one occasion! On 1 July 2024, the 2nd meeting of the EIC Pathfinder portfolio MDLES (Mid to long term and systems integrated energy storage) took place in Rhodes, Greece. Virginia Ruiz, from University of Burgos represented MeBattery in that meeting. Led by the EIC Programme Managers for Energy Systems and Green Technologies and for Advanced Materials for Energy and Environment, representatives from the eight projects in the portfolio presented progress in the individual projects and gave an update on the activities carried out and envisaged at portfolio level. The meeting also included a final review of the Portfolio Strategic Plan and an exploitation session entitled “Leading impactful research” led by EIC expert Edite Cruz. In this session key limitations and needs for exploiting project results were discussed intensively. “The main take-home message was to talk to the customer to know their needs when developing your technology” says Virginia Ruiz.

The MLDES portfolio meeting was connected to the 37th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems (ECOS2024). This offered the unique opportunity for Virginia Ruiz to present the project and some results from the University of Burgos on the selection of redox mediators and design of the external chemical tanks. This was summed up in the talk “Mediated Biphasic Battery (MeBattery): A disruptive battery concept and achievements towards high-performance redox mediated flow batteries”. ECOS is the name of a series of international conferences that focus on modern aspects of -thermal sciences with particular emphasis on thermodynamics and its applications in energy conversion systems and processes. With 480 participants in the 2024 edition, ECOS 2024 was an ideal forum to disseminate MeBattery results to an audience working in the energy sector.