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MeBattery joins workshop on Optimising Grid Resilience

On 25 June 2024, MeBattery joined the virtual workshop of the SToRIES project on "Optimising Grid Resilience: Exploring Hybrid Energy Storage and AI Solutions”.

The workshop had two parts.

The first part concentrated on the innovative field of hybrid energy storage systems and their pivotal role in enhancing grid resilience and reliability. The second part of the workshop focused on gaps and opportunities in AI-ready data for grid-scale storage technologies.

Virginia Ruiz Fernandez from Universidad de Burgos joined the workshop’s fist part and presented MeBattery as one of five projects doing research in the field. It is understood that the future energy storage system needs to be robust but at the same time flexible and relying on a variety of storage solutions. A mediated biphasic battery as developed in MeBattery may contribute to the energy transition offering an eco-friendly and reliable solution for energy storage. In the subsequent panel discussion, Virginia Ruiz Fernandez described the specific challenges as follows: “One challenge is to increase the stored energy density, which is limited by the solubility of the active species in the electrolytes; The solution proposed in MeBattery is storing the energy in solid materials, which have a much higher volumetric charge storage capacity. Another crucial challenge is the long-term cycling stability of the active species, which can undergo degradation, decreasing battery life. Additionally, safety, environmental friendliness and sustainability of materials are important challenges of redox flow batteries that MeBattery is trying to address.”

Overall, the workshop was well-received with ~ 95 participants. In addition to MeBattery the following projects presented their innovative approaches for energy storage systems AGISTIN, ECHO, HYBRIDplus and HYBRIS.

The presentations and the recording of the workshop are available for download here:

Workshop panel

Redox Flow Batteries

Mediated Biphasic Battery

Workshop agenda