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Mebattery project in FLORES – the European network of Flow Battery Research Initiatives

FLORES is a network of Flow Battery Research Initiatives and is composed of a group of EU funded projects, created under the Horizon Results Booster (initiated by the European Commission) and set up by the project FlowCamp.

To integrate renewable energy into the grid, energy storage systems are needed to balance out fluctuations in energy generation. Flow batteries are one of the most promising solutions. With a combined EU funding of >41 million €, 89 organisations from thirteen research projects are joining forces in FLORES to exploit synergies and publish their results in this dynamic research field.

In addition to FlowCamp, the group of EU funded projects includes: HIGREEW, POLYSTORAGE, SONAR, CUBER, MELODY, CompBat, BALITH, MFreeB, HYBRIS, HYFlow, NanoMMES and Bi3BoostFlowBat.

The projects will share ideas and results in order to create next generation energy storage systems for more stable, effective and affordable energy sources.

Since October 2022, MeBattery is part of the European network of Flow Battery Research Initiatives. Dr. Edgar Ventosa represented the Mebattery consortium in the regular FLORES meeting that took place online on October 19, 2022.

More information on FLORES is available here.

FLORES network