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MeBattery Showing Results at ISE 2024

On 9-12 June 2024, the international Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) held their 37th Topical Meeting in Stresa, Italy.

ISE reaches out to researchers and scientists in the field of energy conversion and storage. This year’s event drew the attention of more than 500 participants and we are happy that MeBattery got the opportunity to contribute two presentations to the symposium "Beyond lithium: New chemistries and approaches".

Rebeca Marcilla from IMDEA Energy gave an invited talk on “Membrane-free Flow Batteries based on Immiscible Electrolytes” perfectly introducing the concept of membrane-free flow batteries, showing their path in facing the challenges of the development of this technology.

Carla Santana Santos from Ruhr University Bochum contributed a talk on "Evaluating the intrinsic electrochemical performance of solid materials for mediated-redox flow battery", in which she demonstrated the capability of micro- and nano-electrochemistry to evaluate the solid boosters. The results of study were submitted to ChemElectroChem for publication. We will inform you as soon as they have been published.

For more information on the event, visit the conference website.