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Publication: Membrane-free Zn hybrid redox flow battery using water-in-salt aqueous biphasic electrolytes

In this article, published in the Journal of Power Sources, the MeBattery team from IMDEA Energy presents the results of their most recent study. They developed a membrane-free Zn hybrid redox flow battery (RFB) using an unconventional water-in-salt aqueous biphasic system (WIS-ABS). This membrane-free Zn hybrid battery employs soluble ferrocene (Fc) derivative and Zn salt as the active species in the immiscible catholyte and anolyte, respectively.

The full publication is available here.

Figure 1. Design principles of a membrane-free Zn hybrid RFB. (a) Scheme of the phase separation in a WIS-ABS containing ZnCl2 and LiTFSI salts. (b) Schematic image of the proposed membrane-free Zn hybrid RFB with ferrocene derivative (FcNCl) selectively dissolved in the catholyte. Anodic and cathodic electrochemical reactions are depicted. Pink and yellow arrows stand for charge and discharge, respectively.