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Research & Innovation Roadmaps published – Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

With a press release published on 26 September 2023, Batteries Europe, the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Batteries, and Battery 2023+ announced the release of their Research and Innovation (R&I) Roadmaps.

The Batteries Europe R&I Roadmap provides an overview of the core research areas in which the battery research community should invest and develop in the future. The ultimate goal lies in taking the right measures to address the increasing demand for batteries that will help Europe to develop a sustainable future.

The Battery 2030+ Roadmap focuses on the long-term research considering revolutionising battery technologies with the aim to establish battery cell manufacturing. The approach will impact various battery types.

Since redox flow batteries are mentioned in both roadmaps as a promising energy storage system for stationary energy storage in Europe, the Mebattery project fully aligns with the objectives that are defined by Batteries Europe and Battery 2030+ in their new R&I Roadmaps.

The full roadmap is available here.