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Fundación IMDEA Energía

The IMDEA Energy Foundation was created by the Community of Madrid with the aim of promoting energy-related R&D activities that contribute to addressing global challenges in energy sustainability. Institute IMDEA Energy is strongly committed to the effective transfer of R&D results to the productive sector and aims to join efforts, both with other research centers and universities, in order to promote excellence in research on energy issues favoring complementarity between the different organizations. In 2020, IMDEA Energy has been awarded with the accreditation as Unit of Excellence María de Maeztu by the National Agency of Research of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation as one of the best Spanish research centers.

Role within MeBattery

IMDEA Energy is the leader of the work packages dedicated to the Computational Modeling of the redox mediators and the development of the Full Battery Prototype. Additionally, IMDEA Energy is participating in evaluating experimentally the partitioning behavior of the redox mediators and their electrochemical performance in the aqueous biphasic systems. Thus, IMDEA is involved from the start of the project, with computational calculations and experimental characterization, until the end, with the prototyping of the final full battery.

Main contacts

Photo of Rebeca Marcilla
Rebeca Marcilla

Team Leader IMDEA

Photo of Paula Navalpotro Molina
Paula Navalpotro Molina

Postdoctoral Researcher

Photo of Andreas Mavrantonakis
Andreas Mavrantonakis

Senior Assistant Researcher